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Selling a property a number of years ago was relatively easy, just put up a sign and wait for buyers to fight over it and it would be sold! It took very little talent or marketing expertise. Today’s market is much different. It is much more challenging and complicated. Having and executing a well designed marketing plan is critical. Because of this, I, along with my company, have developed a proven plan which will provide a clear path that simplifies the entire process. Most importantly, it assures that a seller experiences a successful sale.

I make certain my sellers get to the closing on time. They experience a worry free transaction with the fewest problems and they obtain the most money for their property that the market will allow. So, it is not just getting their property sold, but making certain it’s a successful sale.

I will show and teach my sellers how to enhance the buyer’s appeal and the value of their property before it goes on the market. I help my sellers to “package it for profit” so it sells for more money.

I educate my clients in selecting the best list price, so they never overprice it and scare the buyers away losing valuable “golden time”. Just as importantly, so they don’t under price it and give away some of their equity. But by helping them select the best list price resulting in the best and highest sales price.

I give my sellers’ property total market exposure. I put in to action a coordinated 3 prong strategy, global, national and local, which ranges from being global on line to the classic “for sale” sign locally, creating better buyer flow resulting in more money and a timely sale.

I make certain my clients’ transaction is worry free.  I accomplish this by managing the details using a transaction management system. I have frequent communications with my clients and a timely call back policy. I eliminate stress and hassle.

I bring along a quality company. A full service company who partners with me to assure my clients receive the highest level of quality service.

I strive to be my clients’ trusted adviser. I help them make good decisions, provide full and professional representation, negotiate on their behalf and always put their best interest first!

I do all of this to assure a successful sale, so my sellers get to the closing on time, with the fewest problems and they obtain the most money the market will allow.