Thinking about making a move? 

An Experienced Buyer's Agent...

I take my job responsibilities seriously. Buying a home can be a very stressful process if not handled with skill and expertise. Because of this I have developed an 8 step plan that will provide a clear path to simplify the whole process. Most importantly, it assures that a buyer experiences a successful home purchase.

I make certain that my buyers have every opportunity to make a well guided and knowledgeable decision. Experience a worry free transaction with the fewest of problems and that they get the most for their money that the market will allow. So, it is not just about making a sale but making sure it is the right sale for the right buyer.

I am committed to introduce my clients to Santa Barbara and all of the different micro-communities that our region has to offer. There is no clock ticking. I am there for the entire process and beyond. My goal is to educate my clients as to the value of the homes in different areas and help them determine the most important value points for them.

I will be a good listener. The more information that I can gather from my clients’ lists of likes and dislikes the better I will be able to help them attain their dream.

It is my duty to be a strong negotiator who represents the clients’ interests at all times. The initial offer to purchase is just the beginning of the process. I will continue to negotiate any issues that may arise throughout the entire escrow.

My responsibility is to surround my clients with experts to guide them through every concern. With the help of professionals such as inspectors, lenders and escrow officers (just to name a few) I will be diligent in protecting my clients’ interests. I will do everything within my power to address any concerns that may arise and work with those experts to resolve any issues to my clients’ satisfaction.

I work to make sure my clients’ transaction is worry free. I accomplish this by managing the details using a transaction management system. I have frequent communications with my clients and a timely call back policy. I eliminate stress and hassle.

I strive to be my clients’ trusted adviser. I help them make good decisions, provide full and professional representation, negotiate on their behalf and always put their best interest first.

I bring along a quality company. A full service company who partners with me to assure my clients obtain the highest level of quality service.

I do all of this to assure a successful sale, so everyone gets to the closing on time, with the fewest problems and they obtain a home with the most money left in their pocket that the market will allow.